The Benefits of Double Glazing

Although New Zealand has a warm climate, particularly in the north, the country still experiences colder weather in certain months. This is the reason why the right amount of insulation is crucial for any home. Double glazed windows are a type of window composed of two layers of glass with a layer of inert gas between them which facilitates double insulation. The layers of glass are sealed shut to make the layer airtight. There are many reasons why double glazed windows are an attractive alternative to regular windows. Here are some of them. 


The air-tight nature of the window creates a better layer of insulation that keeps heat in and the cold out. This is very useful especially in colder months when households start to use heaters more frequently and throughout the day. Lesser energy is also required to cool down a space with this type of insulation which also means you get stable, even temperatures even in the summer. If you do not have your windows installed yet, experts recommend to have double glazing Porirua for your windows in the spring in preparation for the colder months to come.

Reduction of ambient noise 

The double layer of glass provides a thicker barrier between the inside and outside environments which means lesser noise can enter inside. This makes it perfect for homes that are facing busy streets or those located beside main roads. 

Limited condensation 

Condensation is one factor that can lower the temperature in a room, which causes people to turn up the heat during cold weather. With double glazed windows, condensation is minimized since the air between the glass prevents moisture formation during cold weather. This is very important not only for heating purposes but also for making sure that indoor temperatures remain at comfortable levels at all times.


The double layer of glass forms a thicker barrier that is stronger than your ordinary window glass. The thickness and durability means that you are safer from break-ins and accidents that may compromise the safety of your home. Double glazed windows are also sealed tighter than regular windows, making them harder to break into than regular windows.

Reduction of UV rays 

Exposure to sunlight can fade colours and make certain home furnishings brittle. With double glazed windows, a lesser amount of UV rays can enter a room, which protects the furnishings inside from wear.

Double glazed windows offer a safer, more durable and energy-efficient alternative to regular windows. In fact, the benefits homeowners receive from these windows are so numerous that they practically pay for themselves after a couple of months. If you are a homeowner looking for double glazed windows Porirua there are a number of home improvement shops and stores that offer great deals to install, repair and maintain double glazed windows. You will also find that many window companies located in Wellington will install double glazed windows in Porirua and the surrounding areas, so there is no excuse for putting up with regular windows when you have a more durable, more energy efficient alternative for your home.